U.S. Industry That Hire Teens

1,636 companies by industry with job postings that teenagers can apply

Accounting (3)Advertising & Marketing (8)Aerospace & Defense (6)Airlines (16)Architectural & Engineering Services (6)Asphalt Products Manufacturing (5)Auto Repair & Maintenance (6)Automotive Parts & Accessories Stores (5)Banks & Credit Unions (4)Beauty & Personal Accessories Stores (6)Biotech & Pharmaceuticals (7)Building & Personnel Services (22)Bus Transportation Services (4)Cable, Internet & Telephone Providers (7)Car Rental (5)Casual Restaurants (36)Catering & Food Service Contractors (12)Charter Air Travel (4)Chemical Manufacturing (9)Colleges & Universities (51)Commercial Equipment Rental (7)Commercial Equipment Repair & Maintenance (1)Commercial Fishing (1)Commercial Printing (3)Computer Hardware & Software (9)Construction (14)Consulting (11)Consumer Electronics & Appliances Stores (6)Consumer Product Rental (4)Consumer Products Manufacturing (19)Convenience Stores & Truck Stops (8)Cruise Ships (1)Department, Clothing, & Shoe Stores (53)Drug & Health Stores (5)Education Training Services (11)Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing (10)Energy (6)Enterprise Software & Network Solutions (5)Express Delivery Services (3)Farm Support Services (3)Fast-Food & Quick-Service Restaurants (37)Federal Agencies (29)Financial Analytics & Research (2)Financial Transaction Processing (3)Food & Beverage Manufacturing (24)Food & Beverage Stores (9)Food Production (2)Gambling (16)Gas Stations (5)General Merchandise & Superstores (5)General Repair & Maintenance (1)Gift, Novelty & Souvenir Stores (6)Grocery Stores & Supermarkets (21)Health Care Products Manufacturing (7)Health Care Services & Hospitals (233)Health Fundraising Organizations (2)Health, Beauty, & Fitness (22)Home Centers & Hardware Stores (2)Home Furniture & Housewares Stores (9)Hotels, Motels, & Resorts (36)Industrial Manufacturing (32)Insurance Agencies & Brokerages (1)Insurance Carriers (4)Internet (5)Investment Banking & Asset Management (6)IT Services (6)K-12 Education (14)Lending (6)Logistics & Supply Chain (10)Media & Entertainment Retail Stores (4)Membership Organizations (8)Metal & Mineral Manufacturing (7)Mining (7)Miscellaneous Manufacturing (3)Motion Picture Production & Distribution (3)Movie Theaters (5)Moving Services (3)Municipal Governments (95)Museums, Zoos & Amusement Parks (24)Music Production & Distribution (1)News Outlet (3)Office Supply Stores (3)Oil & Gas Exploration & Production (4)Oil & Gas Services (6)Other Retail Stores (9)Parking Lots & Garages (10)Passenger Rail (2)Performing Arts (4)Pet & Pet Supplies Stores (4)Photography (2)Preschool & Child Care (34)Publishing (8)Radio (6)Rail (1)Real Estate (16)Religious Organizations (5)Research & Development (6)Security Services (33)Shipping (1)Social Assistance (65)Sporting Goods Stores (7)Sports & Recreation (46)Staffing & Outsourcing (56)State & Regional Agencies (32)Talent & Modeling Agencies (1)Telecommunications Manufacturing (1)Telecommunications Services (10)Ticket Sales (1)Timber Operations (3)Toy & Hobby Stores (4)Transportation Equipment Manufacturing (8)Transportation Management (28)Travel Agencies (3)Truck Rental & Leasing (1)Trucking (8)TV Broadcast & Cable Networks (5)Utilities (12)Vehicle Dealers (33)Veterinary Services (4)Video Games (2)Wholesale (26)Wood Product Manufacturing (2)


The number of companies does not represent the actual number of the companies that hire teens in the U.S. job market. It only represents the number of companies with job postings that teenagers can apply and available via Teen.Careers.